An Alternative to the Evils of Fractional Reserve Banking

Seceding from the Fractional Reserve Banking System and Taking Control of Your Capital

Brian Wilson

9/9/20233 min read

brown and black snake on brown wooden stick
brown and black snake on brown wooden stick

Wealth gained by dishonesty will be diminished, but he who gathers by labor will increase.

Proverbs 13:11

We are born into a world with elaborate systems of control in place. When these systems were implemented, they were met with skepticism and pushback by those who value autonomy and liberty. Fear and a thirst for security made it easy to break the masses at large and implement these systems which undermine and rob us of liberty. Unfortunately, our collective memory is also short and we have failed to train our children and pass on the truth about these systems and we now blindly accept them without question. The Federal Reserve System and fractional reserve banking practices are one such system of control that can only be viewed as evil. Couple this with an asset management complex and government “retirement” plans which are designed to separate us from control of our capital and that evil compounds leaving us vulnerable and dependent. To understand why I would classify our current banking system as evil you have to understand how the system works. To start, banks are not required to maintain 100% reserves on the deposits that individuals make. They may have 10% available at any given time and they are counting on us to not want our capital at the same time or the house of cards will come down quickly. The second reason I consider banks evil is their power to create money out of thin air. When we give the banks our money on deposit, they can magically multiply it for lending. It gets more disgusting when you consider they will then run an individual through the ringer to obtain a loan, eventually give that made up money to the individual, and require the individual to collateralize the made-up money with real tangible assets that the bank will gladly seize should some unforeseen event occur in the life of the borrower. We are doing business with a brood of vipers.

I have spent the last six years unlearning things I thought I knew, unraveling these systems one by one and seeking alternatives. When I understood the depth of evil in our financial systems, I blew up my retirement plan and withdrew from market-based activities. I didn’t have an alternative but as I was battling the forces of evil and stupidity within the Navy over the COVID scam the alternative landing in my lap. I was introduced to The Infinite Banking Concept pioneered by the late R. Nelson Nash. Nelson’s concept was built upon the principles of discipline, autonomy, and freedom. Naturally these free-market concepts spoke to me and I knew I would have to share this with more people. Nelson had discovered a way to walk away from banks and third-party lenders, build capital, and pass it on efficiently. His book, “Becoming Your Own Banker” was easy to read and I have reread it many times always finding something new. This concept might seem radical because it was built upon an asset that predates the birth of our nation, life insurance. Not just any life insurance product but Dividend Paying Whole Life from a mutual company. At first, I was skeptical because this product has been the slandered for the last seventy years. I certainly didn’t understand the asset but I figured if the entirety of the financial system has been bashing it for so long it must be good. After investigating I was sold. I couldn’t find a better financial asset to meet my current needs and I was frustrated for missing this for so many years. This concept restored control of my family’s capital through a private guaranteed contract. My funds will grow at a guaranteed rate, are protected from creditors and liens, contract provisions allow me to leverage my capital at any time in the form of a policy loan, and my wealth will pass on tax free in the form of a death benefit.

I am thankful to be on a path to never need a bank again. My children will never need a bank again. I no longer need to worry about market volatility or losing wealth to third-party lenders and taxes. I can rest in the control I now have over the banking functions within my life. I have effectively cut the cancers of our evil financial system out my life and I know I am not longer contributing to the problem by showing up at the bank to beg for money. The fruits of my family’s time, talents, and abilities will remain in the family to grow, ready to be deployed when and wherever a need arises.