The Infinite Banking Concept Engine

Everything we purchase in life is financed. Deciding to use cash means we will lose interest our money could have earned forever (Opportunity Cost). The alternative, utilizing more traditional financing methods, means we will give up money in the form of fees and interest. We do not need to resign ourselves to these two options.

The Infinite Banking Concept® pioneered by R. Nelson Nash enables us to build our own financial microcosm and control our own capital. The concept is built upon dividend-paying whole life insurance. We are not using a typical policy, to be sure. We are structuring this policy within current IRS guidelines for cash accumulation without compromising future performance. Once your policy is capitalized, the cash value can be leveraged in the form of a policy loan to satisfy any need which may arise or to take advantage of the opportunities that will find you. Your principal remains in place growing with uninterrupted compound interest plus non-guaranteed dividends. You will gain perpetual efficiency and reduce wealth transfers which limit your growth potential.

Contemporary thought and indoctrination tell us whole life insurance is a poor place for our money. Careful research and study will reveal this is a fallacy. While some assets limit your available options, properly structured, dividend-paying whole life enhances them. We can break away from the fractional reserve system using a time-tested asset in a more creative and purposeful way. You can create your own family banking system to perpetuate your wealth.

Edelbrock vehicle part
Edelbrock vehicle part

Dividend-Paying Whole Life Insurance:

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